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Heather Woodhaven earned her pilot’s license, rode a hot air balloon over the safari lands of Kenya, assisted an engineer with a medical laser in a Haitian mission, parasailed over Caribbean seas, lived through an accidental detour onto a black diamond ski trail in the Aspens and snorkeled among sting rays before becoming a mother of three and wife of one. Now Heather spends her days celebrating laughter, adding to her impressive list of embarrassing moments, and raising a family of aspiring comedians who perform nightly at her table. She channels her love for adventure into writing characters who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances–whether running for their lives or battling the insanities of life.

You can contact her at Heather (at) WritingHeather.Com


  1. Hello Heather. Just needed to write and tell you how refreshing it was
    to read your L.I.S. Book, “Calculated Risk”! It was so greatly enjoyable. Loved the story line, which seemed so brand-new,
    in contrast to other Love Inspired Suspense stories from other authors. Your characters, especially Victoria, Jeff, and Jeff’s
    Aunt and Uncle, just made me feel like they were real people and not just characters in a book. The story line was one I’ve
    never read and all the twists and turns in it were great! Last but not least, I so appreciated your characters on-going relation
    with the Lord. It was inspiring! Thank you for all your time, research, love, and integrity that you put into your story. Please do
    keep writing for Love Inspired Suspense so I will be able to read more of your works. Wishing you God’s very best.—Regina

  2. mr. kelly greer

    I’m a 67 year old male who got inveigled into reading women’s romance in my late teens. I was interested in stories having to do with music and stumbled upon Mary Burchell’s Oscar Warrender cycle of Harlequin stories. She had the habit of using a character or two from previous books as an influencial secondary, or in incidental cameo roles. Iris Johannsen did the same in her Loveswept novels as well as now in her mainstream novels.
    You may be able to do the same. From CACULATED RISK Victoria Hayes/Tucker as forensic auditor with her husband giving a hand – – – or better yet – – Charley the so-called retired FBI agent with his retired lawyer wife Christy would be ideal continuing characters and at some point you could tell the origin of this pair.
    I hope you don’t mind my suggestions and I here-by relinquish any future claims of ownership for same.

    • Freelance Heather

      Yes, that would be so fun to see them later, working as a team. I have four books focusing on another series of characters coming soon, but I will definitely keep this in mind!

  3. I have never been able to get into fiction books in my whole life. However I’m on Chapter four and having a blast! I can’t wait to find out what happens next! You are a great writer!

  4. Jane Friesen

    Dear Heather,
    I agree with Regina and Mr. Greer, “Calculated Risk” is a great read! I really enjoyed the plot, characters, and development. I look forward to reading your next book, which I will start a little later today. Thanks for all your efforts. May God inspire you and bless you in your future endeavors. You never know who will pick up your book and will be greatly helped in their walk with the Lord.

  5. Lori Wilson

    Hi, Heather,
    “Texas Takedown” was my very first Love Inspired Suspense. It was fantastic! You created an entire family of characters that I would love to see in returning adventures.
    This is the first book I’ve read cover to cover in 3 years of recovering from a traumatic brain injury that only God could heal. I can’t wait to read all of your other books. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (to the top of my brain) for opening my once-loved world of reading to me again!

    • Freelance Heather

      Thank you, Lori! That means so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. :)

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