Her legs violently pulled to the right. She whipped her head up and saw the bright red and purple parachute in the air but it looked more like a flat T instead of a puffed up and billowing crescent.

Her body jerked again and her legs hit up against Jeff’s as they violently spun around in a circle. She tried to look up again, but up against the centrifugal force she could only spot the ropes of the parachute twisted around each other. Jeff’s arms were in the air, his hands rapidly working with the loops closest to him. Her neck couldn’t fight the force any longer and her chin hit her chest.

Jeff’s knees knocked against her, instantly bruising her hamstrings. He kicked his legs in a bicycle fashion. Why was he doing that? It was useless to try to keep her legs away from his pounding knees. They were swirling, swirling, like a personal tornado.

She made the mistake of looking at the ground as their revolutions increased in speed. Nausea overcame her and she closed her eyes. Victoria knew this much—they were falling much too fast. Her throat was closing, choked with unshed tears. If the ground didn’t kill her, the whiplash from being thrown around would soon. Lord, please save us!

Jeff’s arm slammed into the back of her head. He was trying to shove her even further away? Was he trying to kill her before they made impact? She didn’t fight him, though, what would be the point? A second later, a violent tug on her ribs sent her head back into his shoulder, her legs dropped back into vertical position, and the spinning abruptly stopped. Victoria tried to scream her thanks and words of praise, but the moment she opened her mouth a strong current of air stole her breath. She pressed her lips together and prayed her thanks to the Lord.

They were so close to the ground now. All around her were trees, trees in every direction. Were they at an orchard or tree farm? Wait. How could they land on top of trees?


Author Note: We ended up deleting this scene (in rough draft stage) because there was already so much action going on and having the bad guy (No spoilers!) cut a cord in one of the parachutes (which messes up the Automatic Activation Device) proved to be too much. Plus, if I had the chance to rewrite it, I would’ve put it in Jeff’s point of view so the reader could understand exactly what was happening.

I loved all the research about how a trained jumper would handle it, though.

I also found that a lot of skydiving instructors insist on packing their own parachutes. Although some companies hire teenagers to do so (for minimum wage). My character, as would I, prefers to do it himself. Much later, there’s a small reaction that was deleted as well:


Victoria looked away in the distance. “Okay, before the evil merry go round ride, it was a pretty amazing experience. I had always wondered what it’d feel like to fly.”

“The tornado spin isn’t normal.”

“I figured that out for myself, thank you.”