Since we promised some “behind the scenes” posts, I thought I’d share a little slice of life for this romantic suspense writer.  While I cannot speak for my fellow writers, writing romantic suspense is a full-on family experience. My children do a great job of making sure to keep me in constant suspense.For instance, when I’m brainstorming a new villain, they like to “Cage” me.

hidingdrawerThis, of course, refers to hiding pictures of Nicolas Cage so that when I find them I get a jolt…

IMG_0469A.K.A. Mom screams.

IMG_0632The one behind the peephole of the door… well, after recovering from my heart attack, I thought it was genius. And it really put me in the mood to write suspense.

The family also helps me when I need to choreograph a shooting scene. “Let’s pound out the scene with dart guns, Mom!”


Or when I need to write a high speed chase…


They even help me test out building “homemade” weapons (also known as a DIY waterzookas).

In fact, they help me get into the mood of writing so much, that I was quite excited to get their help when I needed to write a scene on the beach.

“Anyone up for a trip?”

But, alas, after hubby checked the budget, I woke up that morning to find this:

Like I said, writing a novel takes the WHOLE family.

What puts you in the mood for reading/writing/watching suspense?