IMG_1130My crew hasn’t been on very many vacations. Over six years ago, we packed up our young family and drove to the Oregon coast in the “off” season. A lodge run by a Christian family gave us an amazing price and treated us like family: cookies at night, hot cocoa in the morning, and feeding the bunnies running wild around their gardens. A block hike through tall grasses brought us to the ocean.IMG_4924


More stories to come, but this location was the inspiration for Surviving the Storm, to be released in August.

So, how do you pick your favorite vacation spot? Consider the following factors:

1. Cost

2. Activities that foster connection among your fellow vacationers (family/friends)

3. PHOTO OPS! (Or vivid memory-making moments)

4. Moments for reflection that perhaps draw you closer to God

5. Good reading spots (I’m contractually obligated to add this one!) Kidding! (Maybe.)

Where is your favorite vacation spot? I’d love to know!